Titanium welded pipes are extensively used in swimming pool heat exchangers due to their exceptional corrosion resistance, making them highly suitable for environments exposed to seawater or chlorinated water commonly found in pools. The titanium welded pipes effectively resist corrosion, ensuring the long-term stability of the heat exchanger in harsh conditions. The main dimensions and specifications of the pipes typically include diameter and thickness, allowing for the selection of appropriate sizes to meet the specific performance requirements of the heat exchanger. These pipes play a crucial role in facilitating efficient heat transfer within the swimming pool heat exchanger, contributing to the optimal functioning and durability of the system in pool heating applications.

We manufacture titanium tubes for swimming pool heat pumps of sizes OD12.7mm,16mm, and 19mm with thickness 0.5mm,0.6mm,0.7mm,0.889mm, and so on. These tubes are mainly exported to the USA, Brazil, South Africa, and Canada.