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In the field of sewage treatment, titanium pumps and valves have the following applications:

Pumping of corrosive media: There may be a certain degree of corrosive medium in wastewater treatment, and titanium pumps have excellent corrosion resistance, so they are commonly used to pump corrosive wastewater or chemical wastewater.

Application in high temperature environments: In some sewage treatment processes, it is necessary to treat high-temperature sewage or media. At this time, Titanium chemical pumps and valves are widely used due to their superior high-temperature resistance performance.

Seawater Desalination Equipment: In seawater desalination treatment, due to the high salinity and high corrosiveness of seawater, corrosion-resistant materials are needed to make equipment, and titanium materials happen to have such characteristics, so they are widely used in seawater desalination equipment.

Wastewater treatment filtration system: Titanium gate valves are commonly used to control the flow and pressure in wastewater treatment filtration systems, and their corrosion resistance and mechanical performance can ensure the reliable operation of equipment.