The processing difficulty of titanium elliptical heads is relatively high due to the high strength and hardness of titanium alloys, requiring greater power and more wear-resistant cutting tools for the manufacturing process. Additionally, the high forming temperature of titanium materials leads to the generation of thermal stress during processing, necessitating special processing techniques to control temperature and reduce material loss.

The primary function of titanium elliptical heads in titanium tanks is to seal the ends of the tanks, ensuring that the internal pressure and liquids do not leak. Titanium materials themselves possess excellent corrosion resistance and high strength, enabling titanium hemispherical heads to effectively resist corrosive media and withstand internal pressure, ensuring the safe operation of the tank’s interior. Furthermore, titanium elliptical heads enhance the structural strength of titanium tanks, improving the stability and safety of the entire container.

We make the minimum thickness of titanium vessel head as 3mm.